Text Filterer

Text Filterer 3.1

The ultimate text searcher for Windows


Searching for text in Windows is not as easy as it should be - while searching for files is relatively easy, when it comes to word searching, Windows leaves a lot to be desired.

However, Text Filterer does a decent job of fixing these shortcomings by allowing you to search for single words, partial words, Boolean word combinations or exact phrases within a hierarchically organized collections of documents. The interface is based on Windows Explorer which does make it look a bit plain and boring but at the same time, makes it very easy to navigate and use. If MS Word is installed on your computer, Text Filterer can search in DOC and other MS Word supported files for specific word. This is great if you are faced with a lot of misnamed documents and need to locate one on a specific subject without going through them one by one. Text Filterer can even search and extract documents stored inside ZIP archives at any level of compression and this includes those documents and texts that include BMP, ICO, GIF, TIF, PNG and JPEG images. While the program is simple enough for beginners, the advanced options are quite complicated and require quite a bit of study before being able to use them effectively.

For researchers or those trying to manage huge numbers of documents, Text Filterer is a powerful utility that could save you hours of wasted time.

Text Filterer supports the following formats

TXT, RTF, HTML, PDF, Unicode, DOC, DOT and WRI

Text Filterer is an advanced full text search tool for Windows. With Text Filterer, you can instantly search for single words, partial words, Boolean word combinations or exact phrases within hierarchically organized collections of documents.

Classic Explorer-like interface allows you to easily switch between found documents viewing their contents in the preview pane, and navigate through the found entries in the text forward and back. Search results can be additionally narrowed by conditions imposed on document name, location, date/time, size, title, author, subject, etc.

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